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Krushna Abhishek, Rajniesh Duggall and Mukul Dev have come together for the first time in director Vinod Tiwari’s comedy drama Teri Bhabhi Hai Pagle. Krushna suggested the title for the film slated for release next week. “Yes, I suggested it. Earlier the film was titled Love in Goa. There was a serial on Sab TV titled Woh Teri Bhabhi Hai Pagle; I was inspired by that. The film is not similar to the serial but we changed the title and used it,” he says.

Directed by: Vinod Tiwari
Starring: Deepshika, Mukul Dev, Nazia Hussain

The film, he says, is a slapstick comedy, and it is a film within a film. “Dev, Raj and Aru Bhai fall in love with the same girl. Dev (Rajniesh) wants to direct a film. He is in love with a girl and Raj (my character) is a superstar who wants to make a film and suggests Dev to direct the film. They decide to shoot in Goa. Raj suggests they take Nazia Hussan as the heroine of the film who is also Dev’s girlfriend. Dev is happy that he will get to romance Nazia.

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Unfortunately, Raj falls in love with Nazia. To sort out the situation, Dev invites his financier Aru Bhai played by Mukul Dev and who also is a don in the film. Aru Bhai arrives and he too falls in love with a girl. Trouble and confusion ensue when Aru Bhai’s wife (Deepshikha) finds out about this and lands on the movie’s sets.”

Mukul says, “As the title suggests, the film is a love quadrangle. There are many hilarious situations in the movie. I play a don in the film but yet he’s an endearing character. He does not fear the police as much as he fears his wife.”

The actors say working with a debutant director is inspiring as they come with greater vision. “New directors come with great scripts and ideas, and are so good in their work. I love doing comedy films and a thriller or a horror which is different from my genre. People don’t offer me such roles but they think I can do only comedy. I love working with such new directors,” says Krushna.

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