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Download Contract to Kill Full Movie. Contract to Kill Movie Review:“Contract to Kill” created Pine Tree State miss the previous Steven Seagal, the one World Health Organization accustomed stab Oscar-winning actors within the head with mammoth knives and cut out the eyes of racially stereotypical practitioners of voodoo.

Directed by: Keoni Waxman
Starring: Steven Seagal, Russell Wong, Jemma Dallender

The slim, ponytailed and sobersided martial art master World Health Organization hyper-violently plowed through legions of pitiable minions on the way to their massive Boss figure. The guy World Health Organization once directed a movie wherever a betray award winner had a vast verbal freak-out offscreen that the director may shoot another close-up of himself.

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At the tip of that film, the director gave a protracted speech regarding the atmosphere once reproval AN oil rig and polluting the ocean. That’s the Steven Seagal I miss. He was fun.The current incarnation of Seagal isn’t any fun in the least. Sure, his film titles stay as committed to the three-word format as Robert Ludlum novels, however that’s the sole issue that hasn’t modified.

If you haven’t been checking in with Seagal’s varied direct-to-video efforts over the past decade, his physical look in “Contract to Kill” might come back as a surprise: He’s changed into Paul Masson wine commercial-era Welles. This side girth forces the editor to create some uncommon selections throughout fight scenes, as a result of it’s clear Seagal isn’t any longer limber enough to whip all the ass that’s flung at him.

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